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Marty Chief Calf is an up and coming Native actor. He is a 29 yr. old Stoney/Blood Indian from Morley, Alberta, Canada. Born to a Stoney mother and Blood father he grew up on the Stoney Reserve in the Rocky Mountains, located 30 min. away from Calgary, Alberta. What is unknown to many people is the fact that many famous movies have been filmed on this particular reserve, such as Legends of the Fall ( Sir Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt), Children of the Dust ( with Sidney Poitier & Farrah Fawcett), Heaven and Earth and One More Mountain ( Meredith Baxter).

At a very early age Marty learned how to ride a horse and later, as a teenager, he decided to be part of the rodeo circuit. Being well trained by his uncles, Marty won many championships .The movie Blackfox , starring Christopher Reeves, was practically filmed in his backyard so when Marty heard about the casting call, he decided to give it a try. After a successful audition Marty was cast for a small part in this trilogy. Another bit part in the movie One More Mountain followed and Marty was well on his way. Being in contact with various people on set, he was able to connect with stunt coordinator John Scott and decided to give "stunt" roles a try. Marty is always looking for a challenge. That, combined with his love for the rodeo, helped him to become one of the most sought after stuntmen in Alberta. His stunt credits include such well known projects as Last of the Dogmen, Lonesome Dove and Red River, to name only a few.

The turning point in his acting career came when Marty signed on with Circle Talent to represent him in the film and television industry. After securing him many auditions for various parts, Marty won a Principal role on the ever popular Canadian TV- Series North of 60 which depicts life in the fictional town of Lynx River in the NWT’s. Marty’s character, Terry Whitemud, was recurring with a key role in the final season. The part of Terry was originally intended to be smaller, but as the season progressed the producers, impressed by Marty’s work, saw an opportunity to increase the character’s importance.

The last project Marty was working was the popular British series Heartbeat as "Big Mo". Alberta’s beautiful Rocky Mountain resort towns Lake Louise and Banff served as backdrops for this production.

In his free time Marty still takes part in rodeos. His favourite event is team calf roping.

Since Marty is a multi-talented young man, one can also see him with the all native band Nightwind, as their bass player, working in clubs all over Alberta. On top of that his family keeps him busy. Marty is a devoted Dad to his 5 children, Sarah, Cheyenne, Courtney, Darius and Blade.

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