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                                      MARTY CHIEF CALF

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                                                          Copyright Julian Ferreira

Ht.: 6'2"                                                 
Wt.: 220 lbs.
Hair: black/shoulder
Eyes: brown

Experience Television and Film:

Heartbeat- Changing Places                 Big Mo                             Yorkshire Television
North of 60                                             Terry Whitemud    `        Westventures
One More Mountain                             Warrior                             ABC
Black Fox                                               Warrior                             ABC


Shanghai Noon
Texas Rangers
Jack Bull
Out of Nowhere                                     Green/Epstein Prod.
Lonesome Dove                                    Canadian Dove
Red River                                              Karukera Prod.
Children of the Dust                              Koenigsberg/CBS
Last of the Dogmen                               Cinema Prod.


Loc-A -Plate                                            SOC                                    ITV
Molson Canadian                                   SOC                                    Calgary
First City Bank                                       SOC                                    Calgary


Roping, Horseback Riding ( bareback), Part of Native American Stunt Corp., Firearms, Archery,Bass, Drums, Guitar,Tractor,Motorcycle,Hockey, Fluent in Stoney and Blood.

CONTACT:   Marty is represented by Circle Talent and can be contacted at:


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